MiA * Made in America Films is based in Los Angeles, active since 2004.

We provide film production services all over the USA for TV & web commercials, branded & digital content and more.

Working with MiA will bring you to a company that has a long standing reputation as a quality film production service working for European and Asian companies.

The years of experience dealing with all types of concepts, budgets and locations have turned MiA into versatile and reliable partner for all your audio-visual projects.

Just try us.

Services at MiA include

  • All pre-production requirements: budgeting - scheduling - scouting
  • Crew and cast recruitment
  • Securing all official and government permits
  • Full production support
  • Flexible solutions
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Uncompromising production values
  • Accurate and detailed information
  • Full support for filmmaking's creative needs

America provides the most diverse backdrops for your production

  • Busy urban environments, decorated from modern glimmering buildings to turn-of-the-century brick and mortar
  • Desolate desert and mountain locations with nothing to compromise the view but a few stray clouds

You can get the best of the best in America

  • Best equipment, best crew, best experience
  • America's size should only intimidate you by the choices it offers